onsdag den 28. december 2011

I love hair do's .... Here are some of my transformations through the years ;-)


i did bangs on my own not a good idea you guys

Don't even ask

The Shanaynay me

This is what my hair looks like before i dye it brown

My curly days

My almost blonde days

Short uneven hair i don't know what i was thinking

My black hair which happens very seldom

My "serious" look lol 
Tryin to curl my short hair

And my blonde/orange curly hair right before a wedding

søndag den 11. december 2011

             Keeping Up With The Kardashians

                                               ... my absolute favourite show of all times! 

Khloe is my favourite!

I like Scott although he is being a douchebag 80% of the time lol

I get why they say boys like blondes and men like brunettes

I can't wait to hit DASH!

Gorgeous Kendall she is most definitely going to own all magazines

Sort of look like a nurse team?

Back up men in black it's women in black

Always take the stylish look to a new level!

Sex appeal! I'm so down with this haircolor on kimmie

Gotta love each and every one of them ;-)

Dollhouse. My next purchase.

onsdag den 7. december 2011

Bounty Beach & Palm trees....

You probably haven't noticed since i haven't posted it yet, but palm trees and bounty beaches are something that i am dangerously in love with. I founds some pics on the internet and some pics of my own trips i though i wanted to share... Just by looking at them i get this charismatic feeling....