tirsdag den 6. december 2011


As i mentioned in my last update i am going to NYC this winter. I've been there a couple of times before but somehow the city still manage to amaze me over and over. As A. Keys phrase it in New york there's nothing you can't do these streets will make you feel brand new.... I remember my very first time there. As soon as i got out of the airport and off to the city it pretty much looked like i entered a cartoon network show. I must say one thing is to see it on tv, another thing is to experience it in real life. Holy guacamole the athmosphere there... It was priceless. Lights, glitter, sparkling extremely tall buildings, limos on ever single corner, happy faces, spiderman, batman, princess and what not characters on every street, people approaching with VIP tickets for huge parties, comedy clubs, birthday bashes, not to forget my favourite stores, victoria secret, forever21, and many more lol. Other than that you will probably recognize a lot of places since a lot of celebrities have used them to shoot music videos and movies. I'd highly recommand anyone to go to NYC at some point. Trust me, there is no way in a million years you would regret doing it. Below af few pics of my time there.

The first picture is me sitting on the red steps where Alicia Keys and Jay-Z did a music video.

   i     c a n n o t     w a i t      t o      g o     b a c k     

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