mandag den 5. december 2011

Vaca time!!!

So my girlfriends called me the other day and asked if i wanted to go to Barcalona with them. I said yes but to be honest i didn't really feel it. Let me tell you why; so i used to live in Barcalona but moved back home to Denmark shortly after. Not for any specific reason, but simply because i realized that i had travelled non stop for a year and it was time for me to go home to my family... I worked for "Apple" at that time and one day while i was working i looked outside the window and thought "Para what are you really doing here?" and as crazy as i am, i went straight to my boss and told him that i had a good time working for them but i had to quit... The same day i got home to the appartment (where i lived with a girlfriend) and told her about my idea about going back to Denmark. She was totally game and agreed to go back home..... BUT... Yeah the little but that always comes in between the lines - We decided to go hard on Barcalona before our homecoming, so we went to a shop, and rented an ATV and drove all the way from the beach to downtown, ate, laughed, ate, shopped, laughed, ate and spended all our money on whatever that came in our way that day. A lot of crazy things happened on our last day, let me just tell you that it went so far that i almost managed to catch the appartment on fire because of popcorn that i forgot to take out of the microwave. I was so scared of what the owner of the appartment would do to me because of the "fire"so by the end of the night, my girlfriend and i packed our suitcases super quickly, cleaned the appartment just so it looked decent, glanced at each other, and within the next 5 seconds we left the keys on the table and ran as fast as we could, to get away from there. And we never ever came back.... I felt like a criminal who had just robbed the biggest bank in the entire world. And i must admit that it wasn't a reasonable way to handle the whole thing and yes it was an extremely crazy ending on my adventure, and i really did live on the edge but by the end of the day i don't regret a single part of it. Below a few pics from my time there ;-)


... So we decided to skip Barcalona and instead we booked tickets to NYC.

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